International Handlungspädagogik Summer Camp

13 Feb

International Handlungspädagogik Conference at Hof Pente, 7 – 11 August 2019

The Hof Pente invites you to an exchange of experiences of Handlungspädagogik initiatives. We open a space for common and mutual learning and for the exchange of experiences, regarding the following topics:

  • Presentation of the initiatives and experiences
  • Waldorf Education, Handlungspädagogik, Self-Responsible Learning
  • Education vor sustainable development
  • Educational environment
  • Agriculture and „school“

Practical initiatives: Invited are concrete farm schools, farm kindergartens and Handlungspädagogik initiatives from Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, Russia, Georgia, Chile, Romania, Brazil and Sweden. These initiatives were visited by us or have already visited us. The focus is on sharing experiences and learning from each other. Over the coming months, the program will evolve with the people who sign up.

We want to know from you until 15.2.2019 if you are interested in following our invitation. Until 30.4.2019 we need a binding registration. We will limit the number of participants to 200 and would like to give the people from practically active Handlungspädagogik initiatives the first places. Additional places will only be announced after the feedback from the initiatives has been received.

Children: If you bring your children, they are welcome.

Language: We hope for a good number of international participants, therefore we expect to speak a lot of English


Location: Hof Pente, Osnabrücker Str. 73, D-49565 Bramsche, Germany,

Contributions: we would be pleased for offers of artistic contributions for the evenings around the campfire.

It is possible to camp at the site and we will try to organise tents.

There are also costs which we would like to cover in solidarity. In order to cover the costs, we suggest an average of € 100 per person including tents and meals. For some, the traveling will be expensive. It would be necessary that some people pay more, so that some can pay less.

Attached you will find two videos about the pedagogical work on Hof Pente:

from 2014/2015

Greetings from

Julia and Tobias Hartkemeyer, Rosalind and Martin Kühnert (for the Hof Pente team) and Peter Guttenhöfer